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R-22 Phase-out

Why the worldwide phase-out of R-22 refrigerant is important to you.

R22 Phase out. Saves money, environmentally better.A worldwide reduction in the use of the environmentally damaging refrigerant R-22 may be a cause for celebration...but also a reason for anyone who uses air conditioning to plan ahead.

While for the next few years it is still possible to replace older R-22 systems with air conditioners that use this refrigerant, worldwide supplies of R-22 are dwindling and prices are rapidly rising as supply shrinks. Most experts agree the best solution for consumers is to invest in a new, energy-efficient, environmentally sound system using Puron refrigerant—which was developed by Carrier in cooperation with other industry leaders.

An EnergyStar® Puron system, aside from being environmentally neutral, greatly reduces monthly operating costs so that a homeowners “net” cost of ownership ends up being less. According to the EPA, air conditioners and heat pumps with the EnergyStar label will save homeowners 10% to 40% on their energy bills each year.

Generally speaking, R-22 equipment over 10 years old should be immediately replaced, as the cost of ownership of an EnergyStar Puron system — even including the initial purchase price — will outperform existing operating costs. R-22 equipment that is 5-10 years old may or may not see a net cost savings after replacement, but a qualified Carrier dealer can help you make that calculation.

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